For specific questions, contact any one of the following people

HCYP President, Bernie Dennison, (410)461-7694

HCYP Vice President, Mike Bender, (410)935-9408

HCYP Director at Large, Jeff Loveless, (410)491-2104

HCYP Director at Large, Heather Costigan

HCYP Director at Large, Loraine Whittaker

HCYP General Counsel, Michael Milstein, (410)792-2300

HCYP Director of Baseball, Brad Smith, (410)299-2133

HCYP Director of Basketball Operations, BJ Borden

HCYP Director of Softball, Bob West, (443)710-5200

HCYP Secretary, Sue Grosso, (410)203-2238

HCYP Webmaster, Michael Edward Dennison, (410)707-8683

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We love our HCYP Family, so feel free to call us at (410)461-7694 with any comments, concerns, or questions!