Applying for scholarships to HCYP is now 100%, online via the Scholarship form below!

Scholarship Policy

HCYP provides aid to qualified applicants through our Scholarship program based on the following:

* Applicants qualify for assistance based on annual gross household income and the size of the family.

* Depending on the timing of the sports program an applicant wishes to apply for, the applicant is responsible to apply with Current Year or the Previous Year’s 1040.

* PLEASE NOTE: Failure to provide a currently applicable 1040 will result in HCYP denying the applicant automatically.

* All financial assistance information is confidential.

Application Process

* Complete the online Scholarship application form below.

Notification Process

* HCYP will notify applicants via the contact information provided on the Scholarship application within 30 business days.

Please Note

The online Scholarship application form is for HCYP Basketball & HCYP Softball only. Please visit to inquire about scholarships for HCYP Baseball.

Online Scholarship Application Form

This is the application for scholarships for HCYP.
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